As we know that not everyone is used to make purchases over the Internet, so below are the steps to place an order in our sex shop online so that the experience is simple from the outset:

STEP 1Selecting products.

In this first phase the user can view and select products sexshop in which you are interested. It has a large number of categories and items to choose from. Entering the product data sheet you will see all your data including description, photos, price and select the number of units for which you want ordering. To do this just click on button "add to cart" and the number of outstanding purchase components change the icon of the shopping bag.

Upon entering the tab of a product you will see all your data including description, pictures, price, and select the number of units for which you want to order. To order, you only have to click on button "add to cart" and the number of items in cart will be updated with the added item.

STEP 2. Confirmation of products.

As you go adding items to purchase, the number on the bag in the upper right corner will increase its value. Elsewhere on the menu cart, right top side of the bar, you can display the entire order where you can remove objects from the cart if you wish.

Once you have finished adding products to cart, click the button "Checkout" cart located top right of your screen to proceed with payment and enter the delivery address.

STEP 3. Ordering.

When he finally has already been decided ordering can be done by entering the menu cart click on the shopping bag or cart menu sidebar. Since then formally requested data is required, there are 3 options for the order.

1. Place your order as a guest. Where you can enter your data receipt of order without registering. It is the easiest way to process an order in our shop, however it will not record any user.

2. Log in with your data. If you already have a customer account created with this option you can access by entering your username and password.

3. New Account. You can register in the system as a new user at the time of purchase. Below are prompted for data purchase and shipment of the order. All data will be treated introducidose by LoverStories in a confidential manner.

STEP 4. Delivery.

Here the direction of delivery of the product giving the option to use the same address provided during high user or introducing a new delivery address to communicate to our delivery company is requested.

STEP 5. Pay.

We have several payment options once they have completed all the steps above. This is the last and final step involves the order confirmation.

1. Credit card (credit, debit or paypal): If you choose this payment method, you will be redirected to the secure Paypal gateway where you can choose the card or paypal account with which to make payment.

2. Payment by bank transfer: With the transfer payment, you access a page where it tells you to make a wire transfer to a specified bank account. On the same page you are informed of all information necessary to make the transfer. This same information is made reached by email.

STEP 6. Order Summary.

In this step the entire order summary is presented, with details and prices of the products ordered, shipping address and payment method. You must press the button "Confirm Purchase" and your order will be processed.

STEP 7. Confirmation.

The request is being processed correctly.Congratulations! You will be sent a message to your email informing about the details.

For any further questions you can contact us through our contact section or at

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